Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wow have I been away too long....

Okay, I've been away from here for too long...New Years resolution update blog more often..

Alright whats been going on, well I still have to finish my Moms sweater...finish it already!

Still have to sew Zach's afghan strips together...why is it not done? Well maybe because when I went to add the next strip I found it was too short and the yarn is discontinued. So have to take it apart and rearage the colors. So it got put in the time out pile again....

I did get several afghans sewed together and edges put on them, my sister crochets faster then I can put the darn things together! ummh could be why my projects are behind...Dawn we need to talk :)

I finished 3 Chulla hats since Friday Dec 18th (christmas presents) I'm going to start another one today and hope to finish it by Christmas also....But I needed to start laundry and let my hands rest a bit.

I'm using knitpiks 16" Harmony circ's and my hand's are getting a bit cramped, though I love how the tips grab the stitches. Nice point, but I used yarn that was really splitty. But nieces picked it out and so that's what I used.

Well must get back to my Chulla's. The list is growing for those wanting one....I love it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What have I been working on....

I have lot's of UFO's, I need to get them completed before tackling the new afghan for a friend. But what have I been working on.....mitered dishcloth's!

I've been frustrated lately, so after my walk I've been doing these dishcloth's. I've got quite a pile. I guess I need a quick project lately to feel like I accomplished something :)

List of UFO's

1.) Mom's sweater
2.) Fan Afghan
3.) Baby Afghan (sew together and crochet an edge)
4.) Zach's afghan (sew togeher, weave in ends on a billion squares!) must be why it's still sitting....

Well now that I put it in black and white it'as not too terribly long....I'm sure I missed adding the sock I've been trying to turn the heel on and a few other little projects.....but these 4 have been around for too long.......

Now spring is coming and I have a few more projects to add to my list of things I want to make.
For instance I purchased Organic Cotton yarn for a co-workers grandchild and still have not started it and the child was born almost a month ago....this would be great for the baby with spring coming to make her a sping afghan and maybe a spring hat.

I'd also like to make myself a cotton hoodie for the spring, to wear on my walks. But that really can wait until next spring as I'm in the process of losing weight (doing weight watchers and love it) so I will reward myself with a lovely hoodie 2 sizes smaller for next spring! That will be a great goal for me! For now I will reward myself for exercising with a headband for my ears, it's been cold here in the Chicago area and my ears hurt after my walk a couple days ago. Burr is all I can say!

Knit and Crochet on!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

So exciting birthday!

Well my birthday was a day I was grateful to make it through! I had two scary things happen within minutes of each other, that made me pay attention the rest of the day!

First I was filling the company car up with gas and the pump handle got stuck on! Pumped gas all over my legs and shoes. The thought of gas ....very flammable liquid on my clothes and shoes. Does not make me very comfortable you know what I mean! I went in to let the clerk know so she could stop future customers from the gasoline bath and she says oh again!!!!!! What the heck are they thinking! Shut the freaking thing off! It is a bio hazard to have gas flowing down the street into the sewers duh.................The smartness of the clerks just amazes me!

Next I'm going to my first stop of the day and I'm going over the rail road tracks.....and holy crap here is a train not 20 feet from me!!!! Dam it the crossing rails did not come down! Step on the gas and get the heck off the darn tracks! What the heck.... is god telling me I better appreciate the fact I'm still alive on this b-day??? God I get it and never have I not appreciated the fact I'm alive!!B-day or not :)

So I made sure I said thank you god for letting me survive the train nearly hitting me and the gas smell I had to live with all day. Not a problem....

Made it though the rest of the day and everyone at work was so nice and sent e-mail's and called to tell me happy b-day. So nice to know so many people cared enough to call! I never expected that many to remember....It really made me feel good! It made up for dear hubby forgetting....

Worked on another knitted mitered square dish cloth, these come out very nice I like this pattern the best. I'll have to post a picture to show and see if I can find the link to the pattern it was free.

I'm off to get the gray covered and not that I care I have gray but for some reason the lady who does my hair cares.....I just go with the flow, gray or no gray it's just a color. I think gray looks good on some.

Friday, February 20, 2009

What a day!

Did an online class today for work and lost out on a chance to work on a new baby sweater for a co-worker. I thought I would take the project with me, then thought no I won't have time....well I did!
I hate it when I lose out on time to crochet or knit. I hope this weekend I will get to work on my baby sweater as we are suppose to get some bad weather and that is a great time to stay indoors and knit or crochet.

Of course this will be in between laundry and housework.....okay okay laundry will be done and knitting :) Must have clean clothes and whats a few dust bunnies....

I'll post a progress picture later of the baby sweater. I also need to finish my afghan, as a new good friend help me locate the pattern so I could finish it. I had to put it aside to do the baby blanket for my friend.

This was an emergency comfort blanket for the baby, this poor child has to be returned to his unfit mother and it is a sad day. But we have to have faith in the system and pray for this child to be protected. Please keep this child in your prayers and his siblings.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Whipped out a Baby Blanket in 1 day!

I was on a mission yesterday, my friend and co-worker has possibly her 1st grandchild and I decided he needed a blanket. Why do you ask possibly....well long story short the child's mother is saying it was her son's child and the child's mother is unfit! She asked them to watch the child over superbowl weekend and disappeared to party with friends.

The baby has been with them for 2 wks today, child protective services is investigating. So I decided he needed a comfort blanket. He is very tiny and only just 5 wks old. So yesterday I crocheted a nine patch blanket, liked the pattern but the yarn is a pain to whip stitch together.

It took me untill 11:30pm last night to finish so I could give it to her today at our training meeting. I just hope things turn out for this little guy, his mother has 3 other children being taken care of by her mother.....I do not understand mothers who don't have an ounce of luv for their children!

Anyway what my friend/co-worker is doing is wonderful as she feels she is protecting this child and doing the right thing! I just wish others would do more of this, it is a sad world we live in when a helpless child goes uncared for or loved.

I think I'll work on another comfort blanket to donate, I know there are more little ones out there who need a warm blanket.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Projects I'm currently working on

I'm still working on the Shearling sweater the pattern is out of Crochet! This is for my Mom for x-mas, I hope I didn't say which x-mas it would be completed by....

I'm also working on finishing some baby afghans my sister made for some friends, she does not like sewing them together and I don't mind. I have 3 to complete Crochet of course...

I have my first knit sock going, I've actually turned the heel from there I'm not quite sure...need to go slowly and read the pattern to be sure I do this next part right. Can't have a sock that you can't wear. I really like the challenge of doing this on my own.

I have a list of items to crochet or knit for friends:

Afghan crochet - Rhonda
Baby afghan knitted - Zach
Knitted Sweater with Dino's on it - Zach
lots of knitted dish clothes - gifts to have on hand

I just wonder when I will have time to do all this with family and work.......must squeeze it in though as this keeps me sane...

Welcome to Luv2 Crochet & Knit


Seeing as I've never blogged before I thought I would give it a try. Sometimes we just need a place to put our thoughts and ramblings. Why share this for all the world to see you ask......well why not? I've met some wonderful people on the net and it expands your horizon's. It's not like I'm going to be exposing myself....ugh!

I just like to meet new people from around the world!

Most of my content will be about my crocheting and kniting projects. I love yarn and creating projects to give to others. I like to see the smile on the persons face who receives a crochet or knit item. To me it is sharing a craft that has come along, and has renewed interest.

It warms my heart when I can pass on the love of working with yarn, be it crochet or knitting!

Needle on!