Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wow have I been away too long....

Okay, I've been away from here for too long...New Years resolution update blog more often..

Alright whats been going on, well I still have to finish my Moms sweater...finish it already!

Still have to sew Zach's afghan strips together...why is it not done? Well maybe because when I went to add the next strip I found it was too short and the yarn is discontinued. So have to take it apart and rearage the colors. So it got put in the time out pile again....

I did get several afghans sewed together and edges put on them, my sister crochets faster then I can put the darn things together! ummh could be why my projects are behind...Dawn we need to talk :)

I finished 3 Chulla hats since Friday Dec 18th (christmas presents) I'm going to start another one today and hope to finish it by Christmas also....But I needed to start laundry and let my hands rest a bit.

I'm using knitpiks 16" Harmony circ's and my hand's are getting a bit cramped, though I love how the tips grab the stitches. Nice point, but I used yarn that was really splitty. But nieces picked it out and so that's what I used.

Well must get back to my Chulla's. The list is growing for those wanting one....I love it!