Saturday, November 13, 2010

What I've been working on

I began a new afghan I came across this pattern from Annies Attic for Bavarian Crochet and fell in love with the look. If you use the right color combination you will end up with a stunning afghan. My afghan was at first a test of the pattern, so the colors I started with were white and burgandy. But I was not feeling the love for the white yarn...not because of the color but because it was some Redheart yarn I've had around for a few yrs and it was killing my hands with the stiffness of it....Had crocheted for years using Redheart yarns and this skein is just awful. So I decided to use up the Bernat Berella"4" I have in the burgandy, light and dark taupe colors.
What do you think so far?

I've finished my sons girl friends scarf, the pattern is called Old Shale. I really love this pattern and it was an easy lace knit. Though the yarn was not my favorite to work with (soft baby yarn that creates a halo with wear) for this pattern, but it will be easy for her to care for and she loved the color.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New projects for Christmas 2010!

I've been testing cowl patterns, trying to find something that everyone will like and I won't go crazy trying to finish by Christmas eve.....

I've also been working on a feather and fan lace scarf for my son's GF. I really hope she likes it, I'm half way complete with it.

I've also been doing crochet dish clothes, have a few knitted ones done also. I even tried a few crochet/knit hand towels. Those take more time to do, and cotton really tires my hands out. So the 2 I have completed will be for me :) Or that special someone who will appreciate them....have not decided.

Completed a shawl for my wonderful mother, this one was crocheted. Have the raglan knitted shawl on the needles, just don't like the yarn part of it is going to the frog pond.
Still have the Shearling sweater for my Mom going....I'm so close to done and just can't seem to get back into it! I think because it is crochet and a sweater is what is holding me back. Crochet garments just don't shape as easily as knitted ones...I will just make myself get past it as this project has been in the works for 2 darn yrs now! Shame on me...right...

Well that's just a quick update of my wanderings and projects for Christmas...that should have started in Jan 2010, not Oct 2010.....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where or where have I been???

Well work has kept me very busy! I have to say I got all my christmas hats knit and even one for my boss! Which I was surprised and honored to do! He said "it was like he sat right next to me while I knit it for him, exactly what he wanted". I love it when a project is appreciated!

Niece's loved the hats also, my son and his buddy wanted one. So of course I did one for each in gray and red for Josh, my son Brandon got gray and blue. Husband and Josh's girlfriend now would like one.....hubby's is almost done and Josh's girlfriend's will be next.

2 more to do for my sister and daughter.......can we say I've done 9 1/2 already....yeah me!

I've also completed some really cool crochet dish cloth's so spring like in colors. Cool lime with a raspberry stripe. Looks so fresh and just makes you want to wash dishes.....or at least display it for a lovely splash of color.

I've completed a knitted off white dish towel, this takes a bit longer to complete, so I'm thinking of using the pattern from the crochet dish cloth to make a matching hand towel...might be too thick but nothing gained nothing ventured right...?

Wow just reading all I've done recently no wonder I've not blogged in awhile....I have at least 4 UFO's to looks like a good day to work on them. Out in the shade of my beautiful Maple tree....after the mowing is done :(

Almost forgot!! I knit my first pair of footies!! I finally figured out socks are not hard to do! They are not perfect, but they are for me to keep my feet cozy this winter. Now that my son seen them he would like some nice wool socks...better get knitting huh....I see 2 pairs coming to him for christmas...dang it's just around the corner too!

Everyone have a super day and I'll be back with some photos of my finshed projects!