Sunday, March 15, 2009

What have I been working on....

I have lot's of UFO's, I need to get them completed before tackling the new afghan for a friend. But what have I been working on.....mitered dishcloth's!

I've been frustrated lately, so after my walk I've been doing these dishcloth's. I've got quite a pile. I guess I need a quick project lately to feel like I accomplished something :)

List of UFO's

1.) Mom's sweater
2.) Fan Afghan
3.) Baby Afghan (sew together and crochet an edge)
4.) Zach's afghan (sew togeher, weave in ends on a billion squares!) must be why it's still sitting....

Well now that I put it in black and white it'as not too terribly long....I'm sure I missed adding the sock I've been trying to turn the heel on and a few other little projects.....but these 4 have been around for too long.......

Now spring is coming and I have a few more projects to add to my list of things I want to make.
For instance I purchased Organic Cotton yarn for a co-workers grandchild and still have not started it and the child was born almost a month ago....this would be great for the baby with spring coming to make her a sping afghan and maybe a spring hat.

I'd also like to make myself a cotton hoodie for the spring, to wear on my walks. But that really can wait until next spring as I'm in the process of losing weight (doing weight watchers and love it) so I will reward myself with a lovely hoodie 2 sizes smaller for next spring! That will be a great goal for me! For now I will reward myself for exercising with a headband for my ears, it's been cold here in the Chicago area and my ears hurt after my walk a couple days ago. Burr is all I can say!

Knit and Crochet on!

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