Saturday, February 28, 2009

So exciting birthday!

Well my birthday was a day I was grateful to make it through! I had two scary things happen within minutes of each other, that made me pay attention the rest of the day!

First I was filling the company car up with gas and the pump handle got stuck on! Pumped gas all over my legs and shoes. The thought of gas ....very flammable liquid on my clothes and shoes. Does not make me very comfortable you know what I mean! I went in to let the clerk know so she could stop future customers from the gasoline bath and she says oh again!!!!!! What the heck are they thinking! Shut the freaking thing off! It is a bio hazard to have gas flowing down the street into the sewers duh.................The smartness of the clerks just amazes me!

Next I'm going to my first stop of the day and I'm going over the rail road tracks.....and holy crap here is a train not 20 feet from me!!!! Dam it the crossing rails did not come down! Step on the gas and get the heck off the darn tracks! What the heck.... is god telling me I better appreciate the fact I'm still alive on this b-day??? God I get it and never have I not appreciated the fact I'm alive!!B-day or not :)

So I made sure I said thank you god for letting me survive the train nearly hitting me and the gas smell I had to live with all day. Not a problem....

Made it though the rest of the day and everyone at work was so nice and sent e-mail's and called to tell me happy b-day. So nice to know so many people cared enough to call! I never expected that many to remember....It really made me feel good! It made up for dear hubby forgetting....

Worked on another knitted mitered square dish cloth, these come out very nice I like this pattern the best. I'll have to post a picture to show and see if I can find the link to the pattern it was free.

I'm off to get the gray covered and not that I care I have gray but for some reason the lady who does my hair cares.....I just go with the flow, gray or no gray it's just a color. I think gray looks good on some.

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