Friday, February 20, 2009

What a day!

Did an online class today for work and lost out on a chance to work on a new baby sweater for a co-worker. I thought I would take the project with me, then thought no I won't have time....well I did!
I hate it when I lose out on time to crochet or knit. I hope this weekend I will get to work on my baby sweater as we are suppose to get some bad weather and that is a great time to stay indoors and knit or crochet.

Of course this will be in between laundry and housework.....okay okay laundry will be done and knitting :) Must have clean clothes and whats a few dust bunnies....

I'll post a progress picture later of the baby sweater. I also need to finish my afghan, as a new good friend help me locate the pattern so I could finish it. I had to put it aside to do the baby blanket for my friend.

This was an emergency comfort blanket for the baby, this poor child has to be returned to his unfit mother and it is a sad day. But we have to have faith in the system and pray for this child to be protected. Please keep this child in your prayers and his siblings.

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