Saturday, February 7, 2009

Projects I'm currently working on

I'm still working on the Shearling sweater the pattern is out of Crochet! This is for my Mom for x-mas, I hope I didn't say which x-mas it would be completed by....

I'm also working on finishing some baby afghans my sister made for some friends, she does not like sewing them together and I don't mind. I have 3 to complete Crochet of course...

I have my first knit sock going, I've actually turned the heel from there I'm not quite sure...need to go slowly and read the pattern to be sure I do this next part right. Can't have a sock that you can't wear. I really like the challenge of doing this on my own.

I have a list of items to crochet or knit for friends:

Afghan crochet - Rhonda
Baby afghan knitted - Zach
Knitted Sweater with Dino's on it - Zach
lots of knitted dish clothes - gifts to have on hand

I just wonder when I will have time to do all this with family and work.......must squeeze it in though as this keeps me sane...

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