Saturday, February 14, 2009

Whipped out a Baby Blanket in 1 day!

I was on a mission yesterday, my friend and co-worker has possibly her 1st grandchild and I decided he needed a blanket. Why do you ask possibly....well long story short the child's mother is saying it was her son's child and the child's mother is unfit! She asked them to watch the child over superbowl weekend and disappeared to party with friends.

The baby has been with them for 2 wks today, child protective services is investigating. So I decided he needed a comfort blanket. He is very tiny and only just 5 wks old. So yesterday I crocheted a nine patch blanket, liked the pattern but the yarn is a pain to whip stitch together.

It took me untill 11:30pm last night to finish so I could give it to her today at our training meeting. I just hope things turn out for this little guy, his mother has 3 other children being taken care of by her mother.....I do not understand mothers who don't have an ounce of luv for their children!

Anyway what my friend/co-worker is doing is wonderful as she feels she is protecting this child and doing the right thing! I just wish others would do more of this, it is a sad world we live in when a helpless child goes uncared for or loved.

I think I'll work on another comfort blanket to donate, I know there are more little ones out there who need a warm blanket.

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