Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 New year new beginnings!

Well I see I've been very lax in my posts...

I'm going to change that this year! There were many changes for me in 2011, some good some not so good.

But I've decided I will work on making things better for myself and others in 2012!

What does she mean better for others? Well I'm going to try to "pay it forward" At least once or twice a month and try to get others to do the same. Paying it forward just means to do something or help someone in some way and ask them to do something for someone else...ask them to do the same.

Many have been struggling, be it money problems, family issues, illness etc. you see where I'm going right? Just doing one small act of kindness each day or when ever it presents itself will not only make you feel better but the other person as well.

Even if it is just smiling at someone who is looking grumpy can change that persons day. I know when someone smiles at me, or holds the door open it makes my day so much better!

So Pay It Forward in 2012

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